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Lets get into business but you need to take things personal over here.

So Long biography short I am someone you would be interested to work with. I’m really not cocky, here’s why..

Everyone in my high school years expected me to be less of an angel Indeed including myself but I was born perfect and being kicked out of any class wasn’t any kind of habit.. Nah, Not at all, it was just an exercise I do to pump the volume up, blood volume. Another amazing habit I also had, was burning my books on the last day of the academic year. Wait, did I just say “my” books? Umm.. Actually, my parents forced me to buy my books but I’ve always advised them  not to, because honestly I’ve always believed in the power of technology, BBM in specific.

I never used any  because they were kept in the locker to avoid ruining them.

Back to the story so I used to burn my classmates’ books. Some of my friends asked me if ever saw their books afterwards here is when the angel in me wakes up and I would help them in searching for them. Sadly, they were never found, so I would sell them my books.  – Win-Win Situation.

A success story of a living sales legend.

– This legend is now 26 years old. I myself am the Founder of Social planet yet an explorer of own self.